falling for grayson dolan

falling for grayson dolan

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"Mom what made you want to get a job all the way in new jersey?". 

"If you want to complain the you can stay here with your grandma".

I didn't really like staying with my grandma because she bothered me to much and she wouldn't be quiet for a minute unless she was sleep but other than that she let me do and say what I want.

"I'm not complaing I'm just asking that's all"

"Because we need to get away and go somewhere else that's why and besides new jersey has a beach...I think" she said.

"Hmph okay I guess". 

But then I forgot some of my friends lived in new jersey so I got lucky.


When we got to the airport we were waiting for the anouncer to call our flight to new jersey. Later on the announcer said.

"People who attending flight 205 please start getting on your plane thank you"

"Dee get up people are getting on planes now" my mom said shaking me.

"Uggh okay" I said groggy.

"Come on Dee" my mom rushed me.

"Okay I'm coming jeez".


We got on the plane and put our stuf...

Grayson   is the hot one while  Ethan  is the cute one👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Ethan is fûcking sexy. I don't know what you guys are talkin bout.
erzaa1 erzaa1 13 hours ago
if i met my internet friends i'd start crying, her reaction is so stupid tbH
this was the first fanfic I ever read about grayson, i am deciding to read it again. This time I will vote cause i didnt know what voting was last time lmao ♡
leafisbeef leafisbeef Dec 10, 2015
"We both ordered the same dish. Dish number 205" -Ethan *Our First Time*
IS8bella IS8bella Sep 03, 2015
I think it's more the other way around
                              Ethan is adorable 
                              And Grayson is hot asf