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My Poems

My Poems

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Midnight202 By Midnight202 Completed

Hello! These are my poems I wrote myself and I will continue adding to these, and just to let you know my poems can range from summer and rollercoasters to being alone in your room on a rainy day. I am just doing this to get some feedback on my work so I know how I can improve. To do that I would actually need some comments so please do so. Thanks

So true, I can honestly 100% relate to this. It's really nice :)
Jade402 Jade402 Aug 16, 2016
I think you should put some commas, and plan your pauses so that way it flows nicely (just my opinion) all in all I still love the poem, has a lot of feeling👍📖
AleneTate AleneTate Sep 20, 2016
I feel this poem it's my life what's happened and keeps happening to me. But it's beautiful and beautifully writtwn
AlisaVainblat AlisaVainblat Nov 13, 2016
I know how it feels to have something happen that you know you can't change it even if you want to
rushat200 rushat200 Sep 12, 2016
Hey, I really like your poems. Can i use it in a youtube video? (Me reciting them)
Who ever said humpty was an egg???? I JUST REALIZEDD THAT (this isnt against your art this was just a random thought)