Harder.Faster. Rougher.

Harder.Faster. Rougher.

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Dom By Dominating_You Updated Mar 31, 2013

The sexiest club in all of Manhattan, New york. At this club sex will be the only thing that you are expected to receive. But when a sex-deprived business man threatenes to ruin everyone's fun and shut the exotic S&M club down there might be more at stake then what Monalisa the owner is expecting.

Lucian Sergio. one of the worlds wealthiest man in the world. Owner and CEO of Sergio towers he has nothing he wishes for.
He oozes of wealth, charm, charisma, and a sexy aura that. not even James Bond could keep up with. But, something is missing and its not a woman. He has a beautiful fiance but nonetheless its just not quiet right. And when he attends a party at a friends house in his honor he meets a beauty like no other. one that ravishes other places but also who punctures his ego. Her name Mona Lisa. Lucian doesn't realize he knows her until fate decides for him. But with everyone knowing everyone In a town so hot and exclusive Monalisa club, just might not be the worst of everyone's problem. Read and find out what will happen in this hot erotic book with a plot so dominating that it will leave. you begging for it to be HARDER.FASTER.ROUGHER. -Dom

This book is rated r . It's is Bdsm , Dom sub and extremely erotic so if your heart is soft don't read this but if you feel like you can handle it ... Come on in-Dom

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TammyQuea TammyQuea Mar 05, 2013
I may be bad but Im perfectly good at it , sex in the air I dont care I love the smell of it sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me lol NOW NOW NOW COME ON!  I love the chapter dom and dm me sometime ;)
Dominating_You Dominating_You Feb 26, 2013
@TheZoneXo thanks best friend ! And I told you my writing was amazing ;)
TheZoneXo TheZoneXo Feb 25, 2013
God damn! Best friend I didnt know you had it in you! XD Its not usually what I read but its an exception!! You got a few mistakes but who really cares? XD Upload soon! Voted.
                              P.S Maria needs to get outta the picture soon xD
myalovato myalovato Feb 25, 2013
HARDER. FASTER. ROUGHER. I like how its and interracial relationship and how its so detailed. pm me Dom :)
Dominating_You Dominating_You Feb 25, 2013
@TakenByHeart Evil evie that was almost a compliment lol but thanks and if you want to edit all you had to do was offer ;)
MisjudgedDreamer MisjudgedDreamer Feb 25, 2013
nice twist at the end ^-^ and holy crap can you say detailed?!?! kinda scared me O.o there were a lot of errors... if you need an editor then just ask :) otherwise I can tell you that I really liked that :)