Unfaithful - Book I (will be taken down 1.22.18)

Unfaithful - Book I (will be taken down 1.22.18)

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[this is the one of the first novels I've completed on Wattpad, so read at your own risk]

Lily Adams is an innocent young woman, devastated when she learns of the infidelity of her husband. As she sinks further into depression, she only wonders one thing. Why does he keep coming back to her, treating her like a queen, and acts as though he can't bear to lose her? She will find that it's very hard to resist him...

Nate Adams, the esteemed husband of Lily, finds himself wandering into the bed of a particular woman many nights, but not without paying the price--indescribable guilt. He cannot bear the thought of Lily leaving him, or worse--sleeping with another man. Hypocritical as he is, he will do anything in his power to protect her from anyone he sees as a threat...

Together, they are forced to face the harsh realities of marriage, the ones that no one ever expected of this perfect fairy tale couple...

Lastly there's Ms. Reeves, the highly respected marriage counselor whom Lily will secretly consult, to help her save her marriage.

Now, marriage isn't marriage without a few twists and turns...

Book I of the Anthropology Series

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  • dark
  • dominance
  • heartbreak
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- - Feb 14, 2016
Interesting and hope to find something more interesting. Going to read this book for sure.
AsherZrinyi AsherZrinyi Mar 07, 2016
i really love your cover! I'm checking this book out atm. looks really cool
usernothere_ usernothere_ Mar 13, 2016
Hmm, interesting start. Think I like this book. And the cover is so beautiful 👍❤
Callme_Des04 Callme_Des04 Oct 13, 2016
Great story ! I'm also writing my own The girl who touched the moon. Maybe you could check it out. ✌🏼
alb1tha alb1tha Apr 25, 2016
Lo quiero en español
                              Entiendo la mitad de lo que dice
                              Me encantaba
                              I loveeee it!!
                              Very good
Fadedly Fadedly Mar 01, 2016
Legit I'm only half way in the book, but there's this song that is perfect for it. Stay by Kygo ft. Maty Noyes.