Losing Control✓ (New Adult Romance)

Losing Control✓ (New Adult Romance)

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Anne Lutz By AnneLutz Completed

Addison Welch thrives on control, an obsession that lands her in the hospital with a severe panic attack. Although the night is a blur, the one thing Addie remembers is Lex Montgomery, the gorgeous medical intern who visited her room. Weeks later, she is still trying to forget about Lex-a determination that becomes much more difficult when she realizes they attend the same college. Although there is an instant connection, trust doesn't come easily to Addie. She knows better than to lose control, but with Lex, she wonders if letting go is exactly what she needs.

#14 in ChickLit
#9 in ChickLit (December 5, 2015)

***Trigger warning: Addie suffers from anxiety and an eating disorder. Please read with caution.

treasure_a3 treasure_a3 Mar 20
Both my parents say that all the time; they tell me off for reading in the car at night or reading with a torch in my room
Don't worry..i am almost 40 and i still cry like a baby when getting a shot
kayxcxxo kayxcxxo Apr 21
I get tired at 12 pm. but maybe it's just because I have class at that time 🤔
Skylethorot Skylethorot Feb 03
Omg my mum says the same and she also tells me off for having the brightness the lowest setting
Skylethorot Skylethorot Feb 03
Same sometimes i cant sleep if i had something go wrong and i end up getting anxious