Saber of Truth|StingxLucy

Saber of Truth|StingxLucy

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Ashton By AshtonTrance Updated Oct 31, 2016

"You know I never expected you to be so honest." 

"Well I'm full of surprises."

Sting and Lucy have been dating for about a year now. This is about how they met, how they started to dating and their little discoveries that they found during their lives. 

This is the prequel to "My Boyfriend is a Saber"

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kyleeguerrero kyleeguerrero Jul 16, 2017
Someone please explain to me why Laxus looks like a serial rapist?
KawaiiKosho KawaiiKosho Jan 07
The opening photo is so true. I ship Lalu and StingLu/Sticy. Yes.
melgan123 melgan123 Jan 17
so you want her to have her own country ok IT SHALL BE NAMED STICY-LAND
AngelieGadar AngelieGadar Dec 28, 2017
😕 uuugggghhhhh she goes a little overboard with the shipping
aferranti15 aferranti15 Apr 08, 2017
It funny she say "30 million sticy babies and then live together" she shipping queen.
stingylover stingylover Oct 13, 2017
30 million sticy later sting says I want 1 million more 😁