Saber of Truth|StingxLucy

Saber of Truth|StingxLucy

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Ashton By AshtonTrance Updated Oct 31, 2016

"You know I never expected you to be so honest." 

"Well I'm full of surprises."

Sting and Lucy have been dating for about a year now. This is about how they met, how they started to dating and their little discoveries that they found during their lives. 

This is the prequel to "My Boyfriend is a Saber"

Someone please explain to me why Laxus looks like a serial rapist?
aferranti15 aferranti15 Apr 08
It funny she say "30 million sticy babies and then live together" she shipping queen.
I just imagine Lucy squealing on the floor while rolling around yelling, "NO! WHY ME! GOD NO! PLEASE! ANYONE BUT ME!"
Lucy's smart, sweet, beautiful, witty, funny, a realist, strong, brave and outstanding. She has many more characteristics that makes it impossible for people not to like her.
Does anyone get this 'Yehet!' 'Ohorat' if not search up Oh Sehun Yehet 😂
interesting_kiwi interesting_kiwi Aug 13, 2016
But still u need a LOT more babies than that we need...700000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000