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My Possesive Alpha

My Possesive Alpha

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Kat By mistakenlybeautiful Completed

'He was looking down my body with black eyes even though they are originally grey but they are black with lust. I shiver in disgust but he takes it for a shiver of anticipation. He starts to trail his hands down my sides and since I'm drugged with wolfsbane I can only sit there and watch and feel as he feels me. Then there is this big crash and a splintering sound. Ash is suddenly ripped off of me and is thrown across the room. Dexter is standing there in front of me on all of his glory. He looks like a Greek God when he is angery. My Greek God, my possessive alpha."

Katalya is a very strong young girl. On the outside. Dexter is the cold and hard alpha of the Bloody Moon pack. The strongest pack in the world. Katalya runs away with her brothers because her pack was slaughtered by rogues. With her haunting past will she ever warm up to anyone? The myths of the ancestors about mates say that mates will be able to confide in one another... but will Katalya be able to do that?

witchpires witchpires Oct 06, 2016
Am I the only one who thought about that one girl from avatar(not the blue people, the one with water thingy)?
PierceThe_Way PierceThe_Way Jun 05, 2016
YAY I LIVE IN MONTANA! Same with the other comment saying that stuff is to do but I also live in a Valley so it's pretty cool to look at the mountains but the smoke in the summer sucks
Wtf_Jenny Wtf_Jenny Feb 17
I thought of Hannah Montana instead of the actual place um.....😂😂
saxicolousXOX saxicolousXOX Mar 29, 2016
I live in Montana! But there's literally nothing to do here unless if you like to go hiking and stuff like that... Which I REALLY don't like soooo....
zabidle zabidle Jul 04, 2016
Montana is great if you don't live in eastern Montana and then it's just hills
_sajmarugovac _sajmarugovac Jan 09, 2016
Wow why doesn't she have a picture of both her parents 
                              She ain't loyal when she take on one of the parents pic