Whatever, nevermind. [ON HOLD]

Whatever, nevermind. [ON HOLD]

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kirah By Sepherene Updated Jul 31, 2017

[A psychological drama] ❝Finding yourself can be dangerous business.❞

Normality used to be Carter's thing.

His life rarely ever swayed from the ordinary. He had successful parents, lived in a suburban neighbourhood, and was part of a small but growing soccer team. However, when Carter meets a kid that trashes normality to the ground, he finds great difficulty cutting him off, and isn't so sure if he really wants to.

Carter's life begins and ends with Jaime at the wheel, driving him deeper into places he never dreamed of going. Finding yourself can be dangerous business, and Carter gets a taste of it whether he likes it or not.


  • asexuality
  • biracial
  • bisexuality
  • comingofage
  • drugs
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  • freementalillness
  • freethelgbt
  • friendship
  • medication
  • mexican
  • music
  • psychology
  • radish
  • talkthepoc
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  • therapy
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destacia destacia Apr 22, 2016
I would've gotten radish but it's for iOS 8 and I only got an iPhone 4 lol so I'm so glad you're updating on here as well
Svendetta Svendetta Dec 11, 2015
Hey!!! I can't wait for this story :) after reading disequilibrium I can't seem to go back to any other stories that aren't in your style of writing xD so I'm just gonna have to wait for this one. You're awesome!!
- - Jul 18, 2015
The summary made me laugh. It was just so blunt and I love it. You're probably going to change it, but still.  I came here to inform you of something to cheer you up when you're down in ze PM, but this is better. How have I've not noticed this before?
kdfaff kdfaff Oct 19
Please lord let this be a good book. This app is letting me down so much lmao I hate wattpad