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The Truest Believer

The Truest Believer

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thatlittelondongirl By littlemissredhood13 Updated Nov 05, 2016

"Why do I intrigue you?" I asked softly, careful not to disturb the tranquility of the morning.
    "Because you haven't lost it. There's a reason why Neverland beings you so much pain and longing. A reason why you don't hear the cries at night. A reason why you don't hear the pipe play it's tune. And a reason why you do not fear me." He replied, never taking his eyes off the scene set before him.
    "I've lost everything. My family, my home, my best friend, and almost my life. How can you of all people say that I still have something?"
He turned and locked his eyes with mine.
"Hope. You still have hope Tessa Brooks. That is far more valuable than anything else you could have. You long to get away from here because you are confident that you will return home." 
I remained silent, not knowing what to say but just waiting.
 "But you won't. You won't want to go home because soon enough, you'll forget that home ever existed. And when that happens, you'll lose everything."
    I would especially like to thank my buddy Clifford (@clary2342) for making the beautiful cover for this book! Please follow her and check of her awesome books! She is amazing! This book would not be happening without her!

I honestly don't understand why people have a problem with Pan being Rumples father, I mean Henry is technically Emma's uncle. (Regina is Snows step-mother, Henry is Regina's adopted son, Emma is Snows daughter. That makes Snow and Henry step-siblings making Henry Emma's uncle and son.)
kindasociable kindasociable Aug 21, 2016
Thankyou the story's always seem weird to me if he's his father💗
- - Aug 17, 2016
thank you peter pan being the father of rumple freaked me out
Kristalhoran123 Kristalhoran123 Jul 08, 2016
Same! Every time I looked at pan I just saw rumpls dad... It was horrible
aliviaalgren aliviaalgren Dec 02, 2016
well , now we know Pan's (Malcom's) wife was the black fairy . that's even weirder 😂
peyton19085 peyton19085 Aug 26, 2016
I find it super creepy like how could such a hottie have that as a child 😂😜 Just kidding but in the books it weird to think about