After Life || CALM ||

After Life || CALM ||

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local nephilim By forsakenephilim Completed

"Help me..."

 "Holy shit balls"

That story in which Michael Ashton and Calum haunts the house Luke lives in

swear words
gay content
slight gore

AnimeOtakuBlue AnimeOtakuBlue Mar 22, 2016
I'm rereading this fix, it's too good to only read once. It made me feel so many emotions the first time round and I loved it and I'm sure it'll do the same this time as well 🙈😊
narrysbish narrysbish Oct 20, 2016
                              I wish i had a forest nearby 
                              So i could sing a chorus
narrysbish narrysbish Oct 20, 2016
Omg i was sitting in my room and it was completely silent and then i hear "kassidy" (my name) 
                              And then i was sitting on my couch and it was silent again and i hear "wait"
                              Let me tell you something I DID NOT FOOKIN WAIT I WAS LIKE FUCKKK YOU GHOST SEE YA
WeSupportKat WeSupportKat Aug 08, 2016
Hey I'm Satan so I just wanted to say hi, welcome to the...I would say neighborhood but's a forest.