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A 'phoenix' and a dragon (Boyxboy)

A 'phoenix' and a dragon (Boyxboy)

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Versenary DG legacy By DGlegacy Updated Sep 12, 2016

A long time ago, two dragons, one a prince and the other a princess, met and fell in love. The princess was already engaged to another dragon and thus married him. Years later, her lover came to her rescue and slew the dragon emperor, claiming both the throne and his lover. Unbeknownst to him at that time, she was with the child of the dead emperor- Yao Yue. Fearing that her first child might be killed, the unhatched baby dragon was sent to the phoenixes. As an extra precaution and not to rouse any suspicion, the egg was frozen in a mystical lake for 400 years with the phoenixes' Aria. During that time, the new royal family carried on with their lives as if the child never existed. Eventually, the day came when they could no longer lull the young dragon to sleep. It was obvious he was growing but slowly. They discussed the matter and brought their situation to the mother- now the empress and also mother of 5 more children- who reluctantly agreed with their decision to allow the egg to hatch.
Yao Yue, raised by the phoenixes', was never told of his heritage until one day; a messenger from the palace appeared. The emperor knew of Yao Yue and welcomed him to stay with his family. 
Upon his first few days living as a royal, he is bombarded with palace etiquette, diction, style, etc.... he despises such a strict life but he hears stories about the legendary firstborn prince, Lang Yue a.k.a The Azure Prince who is famous for his beauty and grace (even in swordsmanship?) They meet and Yao Yue inevitably falls in love with his older- half brother. He succeeds in getting his attention and now his current problem is......letting Lang Yue know what kind of 'love' he wants. Aside from how to let The Azure Prince know, is it even safe to let him know in the first place? 
(Current story takes place years later. Like... YEARS kay. MANY YEARS.)

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reverie_nobles reverie_nobles Jun 30, 2016
Oh my xiao yue was my used ign in one certain online game haha.
DGlegacy DGlegacy Oct 24, 2016
Plot twist: the book is a manual on how to operate a Lamborghini
Misica_song Misica_song Jun 09, 2016
I expect a lot from this stort because I love chinese bl, and even more so because this has the essence of xuanhuan. Is this your original story btw?
MarukoSlayBodt MarukoSlayBodt Oct 24, 2016
"Just sitting here in my garage with my brand new Lamborghini. You wanna know what I like more than my Lamborghini? KNOWLEDGE!! I read a book everyday."
DGlegacy DGlegacy Jun 09, 2016
If there's anything you'd like me to add you can suggest ^^ since this was originally something my gf and I planned, but she left so the story is sort of half complete. She has all the writing experience and I just have the story