Don't You Trust Me

Don't You Trust Me

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(Death Wish) Lawliet By xxdeathwishxx212 Updated a day ago

Eren is a senior in high school. Levi is his french teacher and has been his closest friend for the past four years of high school. Eren is 18 Levi is 25. In just two weeks Eren's life takes a turn, but will it be for better of for worst.

You actually get to see the side of Levi that no one normally sees. He is kind but only to Eren.

This story will play with your emotions, but hey thats half the fun. Though there will be emotional parts, there are cute and funny parts along with serious topics adressed. These topics aren't to be taken lightly and if you or someone you know is going through them please seek help. Stay strong!

Please excuse the horrendous grammer and writing in the first few chapters it gets better as the story progresses. This was the first story i had ever written and my writing has improved since I started.


Yup he ain't gonna just be your teacher
                              He gonna be yo master
Levi smiles...what about the OVA about levis backstory... he smiled at Isabelle... right? ?? (◐ - ◑ )
If Levi's smiling, he's either planning to kill someone or he's gonna try to get laid 0-o
                              THE APOCALYPSE HAS BEGUN.
MarccoBodtt MarccoBodtt Jul 18
How do you pronounce Rivialle? I always just say Ravioli ;-;
This is pretty good so far!
                              Only recommendation I have, and this will pry be later on in the book, separate the paragraphs when a new person speaks. The way you have it here isn't so confusing while in other books it's REALLY confusing. It's fine though! I promise xD I really like it so far.