You Rejected Me? You'll Regret It ( Bwwm/interracial)

You Rejected Me? You'll Regret It ( Bwwm/interracial)

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Hi guys so this is my first book so plz be nice i tried my best so dont judge and if u dont like it dont fucking read it anyway just hope u like it and comment if u want i really dont care so yea bye guys.

Hello im Rochelle chambers, im 15 about to turn 16 tomorrow and also im a werewolf so i find my mate tomorrow.

I really dont care about him tho cuz all if he doesnt like me screw him im use to getting hurt. 

Im an omega and I get bullied and tormented for it but thats all I really have to say so im just gonna tell the story.

Luka_p Luka_p Nov 16, 2016
Creative I like it. At least she isn't a white wolf and rare because they're not black wolves are. (My spirit animal is a black wolf with gold eyes)
alexandria_Avalon alexandria_Avalon Nov 23, 2016
Racist people....the world would be a better place without them.
XxSimpleMisfitxX XxSimpleMisfitxX Jul 23, 2016
I'm Glad U Did It Blonde And Brown Wolves Were Starting To Get More Rare Than White Ones And Those Are Supposed To Be The Normal Colors
teytey33 teytey33 Aug 04, 2016
Ain't nothing wrong with that brown, black, white wolves r sooo last year
singsszz singsszz Aug 12, 2016
Queen of sog because that the only thing she can be loyal  to