You Rejected Me? You'll Regret It ( Bwwm/interracial)

You Rejected Me? You'll Regret It ( Bwwm/interracial)

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Love is for Weirdos By Queen_Ohoneste Updated Nov 05

Hi guys so this is my first book so plz be nice i tried my best so dont judge and if u dont like it dont fucking read it anyway just hope u like it and comment if u want i really dont care so yea bye guys.

Hello im Rochelle chambers, im 15 about to turn 16 tomorrow and also im a werewolf so i find my mate tomorrow.

I really dont care about him tho cuz all if he doesnt like me screw him im use to getting hurt. 

Im an omega and I get bullied and tormented for it but thats all I really have to say so im just gonna tell the story.

Ooooo pretty. And not common. Original. It's sounds so cool I wish I could actually see it
mukeluvsmeh mukeluvsmeh Jul 13
We gon have some mother fuckin problems I'd he touch ne like tht
These bitches😤😤😤😤😤😤 let me breath and count
Luka_p Luka_p Nov 16
Creative I like it. At least she isn't a white wolf and rare because they're not black wolves are. (My spirit animal is a black wolf with gold eyes)
Racist people....the world would be a better place without them.
I'm Glad U Did It Blonde And Brown Wolves Were Starting To Get More Rare Than White Ones And Those Are Supposed To Be The Normal Colors