Marionette (An Assassination Classroom Omnibus)

Marionette (An Assassination Classroom Omnibus)

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Loki-Roki the Sadist Penguin By Loki-Roki Updated 5 days ago

Ever at odds with the people around her, Katsuragi Amaya has only three people who she feels a close connection to. Her siblings, Reiko and Yuta, and her best and worst friend, Akabane Karma. A friend whom she feels sees her no different from anyone else he torments.

In seeking to deepen that connection to reach an understanding, Amaya is constantly reminded of one fact that has cut her off from the world around her; She's nothing but a Monster to the Outside World. 

This is an OMNIBUS, which is multiple books in one cover, not a single book.

Book 1 [Oceans Arc] is Completed - Chapters 1-45
Book 2 [Skies Arc] is Completed - Chapters 46-99
Book 3 [Cosmos Arc] is In Progress - Chapters 100-Ongoing

NOTE: This story features detailed fights including blood and injuries and will likely be bumped up to a Mature Rating in the future. 

Cover will change as the story progresses :) Just letting you know in case you get spooked.

Average word-count per chapter: 4,000 - 5,000 words each :)

Cover is made by the gorgeous @obsidianix :D Thank you soooo much for the beautiful cover :D

I'm very glad that I am reading a story by someone who knows how to take control and set ground rules. Already seems like it's going to be a good story.
This is amazing. Everything's so well planned. These are things I like about authors. Dear Authour you made it as one of my wattpad inspirations.
Damn you're good at this.If you dont want to,you dont have to reply to this comment because of...Life.and i just wanted to tell you that you're a very great author!Great job on this book btw!
It's nice to heat that this book has these set of rules :D so no more spoilers coming from other fellow readers
                              Thank you author-san :)
SlayerBooks SlayerBooks Oct 14
@Loki-Roki Thanks! I sure will! I've read like half the book so far, and it's amazing! I love the way you word things! Everything just makes sense to me! And, I am definitely going to enjoy my stay here!
I'm sorry... Although I'm not gonna spoil it, I wrote a comment about a comment... Which is at the end of book saying to torture a character... Although great character... But still Amaya ;-;