Textbook Love (Merome)

Textbook Love (Merome)

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potato queen By amberstars Completed

Mitchell Hughes has always loved math. The objective nature of the subject, and the rules that leave no room for error. Nothing can go wrong when you know what you're doing. 

It's so much different when figuring out love.

For Mitch, he's in his senior year, with everything going for him. Good grades, football captain and his friends.

Suddenly there's something else in his life, or more someone. Mr. Aceti, the new math teacher, who suddenly fills the hole in Mitch's life that brings love. The impossible attraction grows, and Mitch gets lost more and more, but the clock is ticking.

What do you do when your love is far from textbook?

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Arachnid_Queen Arachnid_Queen Jul 19, 2017
Wait! Wait, freaking minute! Why is LACHLAN, the tallest, sitting on VIKK'S, the SHORTEST/SMALLEST, LAP?!?! IT SHOULD BEEN THE OTHER WAY ROUND!!!
NanoByter NanoByter Aug 12, 2017
And he looks at me,
                              And I look at him,
                              He says,  "I'm sorry, what did you want again?"
                              And I say "kETCHUP"
                              Anyone get the reference?
Suck_my_ballss_69 Suck_my_ballss_69 Dec 01, 2016
Hunger games m8
                              The end though she's all like
                              'Where's Peeta?'
                              That was all
                              And it pissed me off -_-
                              LIKE WHAT THE HELL CLIFFHANGERS
TrisWhoHasALongLogin TrisWhoHasALongLogin May 15, 2016
Now that the resemblance runs through my mind. It actually hurts that I never thought about it before... :/
maddmaddhatter maddmaddhatter Aug 08, 2016
                              Yes, Mitchell, you are sick, lovesick to be exact. Side effects include rainbow gayness and more rainbows
phan_trash_detected phan_trash_detected Sep 29, 2016
yes um I believe the condition is called jeromeitis you can't cure it your prescription is hugs and fluff and minecraft. side effects may be rainbows, smut and jail bc it's probably illegal