A Blood Drop Of Madness : Joker's And Harley Quinn's Daughter { COMPLETED }

A Blood Drop Of Madness : Joker's And Harley Quinn's Daughter { COMPLETED }

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" The Good, The Bad 
                And The Crazily EVIL " 

Harley Quinn and The Joker were brought closer when their daughter was born. They raise their daughter to follow into their footsteps and do crimes with them. 13 years later, Batman caught up with them and found out about her. Her aunt asked Batman to take care of her. She is a insane, mysterious person who likes to be called Ace.


Joker, Harley, Batman, Robin and more are owned by @DCcomics 

Ace / Izabella Quinn is created by and owned by me. 

Book was created on July 2, 2015 
Book finished on March 12, 2017 


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The_ditsyDorito The_ditsyDorito Mar 18, 2018
Is she me?
                              I swear to god I have said that line so amnytimes.
HappyTheDragon4 HappyTheDragon4 Mar 31, 2018
Wait so is it 
                              A) Golden Boy
                              B) Zombie Boy
                              C) The smart one
                              D) The Serious one
LucindasEveningLight LucindasEveningLight Nov 22, 2017
That's right. Batsy has enough kids. He can't make the Joker's daughter into female Robin.
rorierickrode rorierickrode Apr 13, 2017
I imagined she had an actual bat by the wing and hit him with it
X3x24X X3x24X Jan 05, 2018
I want her to be put on the Suicide Squad but just her so Harley and Joker come to save her like in the movie where Joker saves Harley. That was such a cool scene
ana_menuzzo ana_menuzzo Jun 18, 2017
I can hear the sight very clearly...damn is this hurting you guys or is it just me?