The Fighter ✔

The Fighter ✔

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Everyone knows Shelly Summers as the schools typical nerd, with dorky glasses. Who wears lose shirts and sweatpants to school, tying her hair in a messy bun.
  What they don't know is, behind those dorky glasses and innocent eyes, lies a fighter. 
  Then there is Chase Bones. The school's new bad boy. Known for his bad ways of getting things and the fights he gets in. But what happens when Chase ends up in the same place with Shelly? What will happen? Will the two very great fighters fall in love? Or will they become rivals? 
  Read more to find out....

True but if you're going for a stereotypical nerd then yes u get glasses
briwoos21 briwoos21 Mar 15
Get rid of the Selena Gomez poster and put up a mirror 😂😂
Suzie_x_x Suzie_x_x Mar 30
Um I wanna know y u have a poster of urself and chase on ur wall lmao
So cliche. 
                              But I still love it. I love cliche. Could you blame me?
At the school I go to, literally no one gives a s*** about anyone else other than themselves period we just walk around and talk minimally unless we have to.
nadz5204 nadz5204 Apr 19
This always happens I wish it would happen to me cause if I bumped into someone the way she does I would turn around and be like your my true love fam