The Bad Boy Saved Me

The Bad Boy Saved Me

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Pernille By AnotherAngel Updated Jun 19, 2017

Elizabeth is 16 and lives with her older brother Justin. Her parents work a lot and are therefor never home. 

Eliza used to be a sweet, open and you may have said popular as well. But that changed a year ago. Something happened in her life which made her friends turn their back on her. 

When Will - Melrose Highs bad boy - take an interest in her will she open up again? Or is she so far out that no one can save her. 

Eliza is sweet, funny, caring, awkward, sarcastic and lovely. Well at least she used to be. The person she used to be is long gone. But with the help from the Bad Boy will she turn back to the girl she used to be? Or is that girl forever gone.

A year after living in hell - not literally though - a guy comes to her rescue. But can he really save her or is she too far out to save?'

Warning; Contains cussing and self-harm (warning in the top of the chapters)

  • bully
  • friendship
souma3 souma3 May 12
Just out of curiosity did they feel the same way about each other? Because in the beginning you said that he confessed to her but it wasn’t mentioned what she said because there’s always a reason why someone does something to someone.
NashmiaFarooq NashmiaFarooq Dec 03, 2017
Ha at least they care to write to you as some one said
                              "It doesn't matter if you love me or hate me because if you love me I'll always be in your heart and if you hate me I'll always be in your mind"
souma3 souma3 May 12
Did she reject him? Perhaps answering that question here would make this part of story flow better.  It’s different I like that, but for a male it’s a typical reason but it works. Just to confirm for the reader on whether of the MC rejected him or not.
mmcclendon2516 mmcclendon2516 Jun 20, 2017
Don't listen to him Elizabeth you'll find someone to love and protect you very soon
Wid0wmak3r Wid0wmak3r Dec 25, 2017
TMNT_2012_ TMNT_2012_ Aug 10, 2017
I know a guy named Bobby! He's SOOOO mean! He physically harassed my friend and tried to do so to me also when I came to help her fight but he ended up with a bloody nose and probably aching stomach from where I punched him using my K A R A T E skills 😏😂