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The Bad Boy Saved Me

The Bad Boy Saved Me

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Pernille By AnotherAngel Updated Jun 02, 2015

Elizabeth is 16 and lives with her older brother Justin. Her parents work a lot and are therefor never home. 

Eliza used to be a sweet, open and you may have said popular as well. But that changed a year ago. Something happened in her life which made her friends turn their back on her. 

When Will - Melrose Highs bad boy - take an interest in her will she open up again? Or is she so far out that no one can save her. 

Eliza is sweet, funny, caring, awkward, sarcastic and lovely. Well at least she used to be. The person she used to be is long gone. But with the help from the Bad Boy will she turn back to the girl she used to be? Or is that girl forever gone.

A year after living in hell - not literally though - a guy comes to her rescue. But can he really save her or is she too far out to save?'

Warning; Contains cussing and self-harm (warning in the top of the chapters)

M1R2B3G4C5S6R7 M1R2B3G4C5S6R7 Jul 05, 2016
I don't get that many texts from my mom and dad combined through the year
aye_itz_zoe aye_itz_zoe Nov 28, 2016
Lol I do almost everyday cuz my friends decide to spam me every night while I'm sleeping saying, " Hi" in like 20 different messages EACH 😂😑🙄😒😂😂
lizzabethx lizzabethx Feb 01, 2016
I've never seen my name in a story so I feel pretty special now
lovergirl_1090 lovergirl_1090 May 28, 2016
I wish people would text me the same all I find is 2 new messages and I have 60 people in my contacts
Lonewriter718 Lonewriter718 Oct 23, 2016
It's sad the way people can bully other people and think it's fun
love_ma_books love_ma_books May 08, 2015
u know if she ends up being friends with them in the end I might ens up killing myself out of her stupidity. .....................................jk :)