Started as Enemies - A Gruvia Fanfic

Started as Enemies - A Gruvia Fanfic

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Another school year have begun and a certain blue-haired girl was running to school when she accidentally bumped a guy.

That girl was Juvia Lockser.
And that guy was Gray Fullbuster.

After a short fight between them, she arrived at school, where in home room, she met the same guy she fought with before and that's when she hated him more than when she first met him.

They've managed to become enemies in just a short period of time. But are they really enemies? 

What made Juvia say this:

"Ugh! If Juvia could undo that kiss then Juvia would!"?

Just what happened between them?

That's our class right there 
                              When we greet good morning non of us speaks that's why we are always introuble
This is the fifth time I've read this! Definitely my favourite thing I've ever read on watt pad!
If that's Gray I'll explode
                              I can't imagine Natsu and Gray being buddies
Hi I'm *my real name* from *some random Disney show* and your watching Disney channel! *insert meme here*
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Ding ding ding! You win a prize for guessing the real name of Fairy Tail's creator! Hiro Trollshima!