my abusive mate

my abusive mate

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I was sleeping in the guess room when I heard dean call me.

"Scarlett come down here, I have to tell you something"

Dean and me were mates and married but, when the doctor said I couldn't have kids dean didn't take it so well. He started drinking and drinking led to beating me. 

He says that I'm pretty much useless. He doesn't rejected me because he can't get pleasure from anyone else and the pack needs a luna. 

I quickly through on a white shirt and some black jeans. 

I walked down the stairs to see a girl sitting in dean's lap. When I say girl I mean it. She looks seventeen but, she a as very beautiful. She had long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, her face was flawless. 

We made eye contact and I quickly looked at dean. Dean had messy brown hair, brown eyes. Everyone would say that's plan but dean's eyes would change from bright brown to dark, it just depends on his moods.

"Scarlett this is my mate Cassie, Cassie this is my ex mate and wife Scarlett" 

Did he really just say mat...

Nicoleerz Nicoleerz Aug 08
DEAN FROM SUPERNATURAL!😏 that is a hot man walking I can tell you that.
shyanne899 shyanne899 Sep 03
Them would a come home to air pie, nothing stake and crust punch
shyanne899 shyanne899 Sep 03
Ha now I see why she with you 😄😄😄. Try not to hurt your self
Give me a knife or gun whichever will do, either this jerk is gonna die
lol ur the one going to jail for f*cking minor u inbred pice of sh*t🖕🏻
Seriously can boys never control their f^ck'n d^cks!
                              No offense boys. (If you are reading this)
                              Poor Scarlett :((