Hold it down. | Stephen Curry

Hold it down. | Stephen Curry

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Wardell (Stephen) Curry. The 27 year old six foot three NBA point guard for The Golden State Warriors has all he needs in life. A beautiful wife, a beautiful 2 year old daughter, a great career and a lot of wonderful opportunities are handed to him.

Ayesha Alexander (Curry) or ishiboo is what Stephen likes to call her is a Sweetheart. And if you ask anyone she knows they will tell you how much she loves Wardell. The love that they have is so incredible that they made a happy 2 year old girl, Riley Elizabeth Curry. 

The couple had met at a Church at the ages of 14 and 15 but officially started dating in college. And once it was time Stephen purposed to the gorgeous Ayesha. 

Being a Basketball wife can be tough with all the gossip and hoes but read to find out how Ayesha Holds it down..

Stephen doesn't even curse like that. And he doesn't talk all ghetto like that either.
I would be to if all she do is look at my man. But I love the story