It Was The Way You Looked At Him.(MarkiplierXReader)

It Was The Way You Looked At Him.(MarkiplierXReader)

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Mommy Monster By Mommy-Monster Updated Jun 05, 2016

I was dragging boxes from my car out. I pulled out my phone and got a call from Leo.

"(Y/n). I think we just need to be friends."

"What the hell?"

"Just let me explain,"

"You're getting back with Melinda."

"I'm sorry. I know you just got done moving and everything..."

"Dude. This girl broke your heart so many times..."

"I love her. I'm sorry. I don't want to lose my best friend either..."

"Well whoop-de-f***ing-doo. You've just lost your best friend. This is the third time this happened. You know what... Leo. Just stop calling. She hurts you, don't come back to me. Good luck to you." I said calmly. I gave up yelling after the second time. I hung up my phone. I had been bottling it up all day. He had been flirting with her, trying to get with her... Getting with her... Cheating with her for months now.

The sun was setting. I turned around and picked up a box.

I wiped a tear with my forearm. Why am I crying... This isn't the first time.

I turned around to see a man stare back ...

Maleigh2004 Maleigh2004 Jan 29
I look next to this sentence and it as an ass load of comments and I just mutter to myself "You dirty minded hoes."
Leo:"She broke my heart 482 time, but I still live her."
                              Me:.................boy get dafaq out a my house do you know HOW STUPID YOU SOUND?!?!?!? No no no just no you aren't worthy of being my best friend, hell, I'd be embarrassed to call you an ENEMY
kawaichan75482 kawaichan75482 4 days ago
Omg when I was reading this sentence  thirsty by daya came on lol
AntiJill AntiJill Feb 03
As long as you stay away from 11, we're good. Stay away from Matt Smith. Take Tennant , I don't care
Wade, wade, inhale, exhale YOU NEVER WILL GET SOMEONE AS GOOD AS ME!!
Saaaaammmmmmeeeee but over JC caylan omg 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍