It Was The Way You Looked At Him (MarkiplierXReader)

It Was The Way You Looked At Him (MarkiplierXReader)

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Mommy Monster By Mommy-Monster Updated Jun 05, 2016

I was dragging boxes from my car out. I pulled out my phone and got a call from Leo.

"(Y/n). I think we just need to be friends."

"What the hell?"

"Just let me explain,"

"You're getting back with Melinda."

"I'm sorry. I know you just got done moving and everything..."

"Dude. This girl broke your heart so many times..."

"I love her. I'm sorry. I don't want to lose my best friend either..."

"Well whoop-de-f***ing-doo. You've just lost your best friend. This is the third time this happened. You know what... Leo. Just stop calling. She hurts you, don't come back to me. Good luck to you." I said calmly. I gave up yelling after the second time. I hung up my phone. I had been bottling it up all day. He had been flirting with her, trying to get with her... Getting with her... Cheating with her for months now.

The sun was setting. I turned around and picked up a box.

I wiped a tear with my forearm. Why am I crying... This isn't the first time.

I turned around to see a man stare back ...

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AprilPoofs AprilPoofs Jul 13, 2017
*runs to author~chan* you ARE NOT*intense hugs her and blasts a lazer of love, support, and every thing kind*
ZhuZhuDianePie ZhuZhuDianePie Jul 24, 2017
Oh gawd (lol im using so much cause i just learned it i cant be the only one who does that)
UnholyBookWhore UnholyBookWhore Jul 31, 2017
(deadly bombing) 
                              (person walks up to terrorist) 
                              NO, I GOT PEPSI!
                              (everyone is alive and cheers)
LarkySparky LarkySparky Aug 12, 2017
Grass is green,
                              Cacti are prickly,
                              I guess you could say, that escalated quickly.
LilyOrchard LilyOrchard Nov 13, 2017
OH BOY I SURE DO LOVE ME A NICE REFRESHING PEPSI NOT SPONSORED (lmao my youtube is literally SkepsiCola, don’t ask)
D3AdP00l-fazbear D3AdP00l-fazbear Apr 25, 2017
This is still me
                              I once stood up till 4 am to watch Mark and Jack
                              I kept dieing of laughter it was until around 10 am that my mom woke me up saying "You should be at school!" I told her I over slept and she knew I was watching YouTube