Unlocked Hearts #wattys2017

Unlocked Hearts #wattys2017

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♕Queen Saj ♕ By sajmra Updated May 26

Sami Sulayman has been a secret agent for the past ten years working for the FBI, and after assisting in one of the biggest busts to date, he expects everything else in his career to be a breeze. That is until he's assigned to watch over an extremely difiant, strong willed young lady whose recently deceased father left her in danger and in need of protection. Since the death of his own mother, Sami built a wall around himself, locking out everyone and anyone. Now his only question is, will he ever find someone who holds the key to his heart?

Dalia Abushanab doesn't believe for a minute that her father is guilty of what the FBI is accusing him of. That's why when she's assigned a bodyguard, the intimidating and slightly hard headed Secret Agent Sami Sulayman, she instantly dislikes him, and refuses to cooperate and follow instructions, not willing to rest until she can clear her father's name. But when he agrees to help her in her mission of proving her dad's innocence, will she see him for who he truly is?

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In Sha Allah and Alhamdulillah! *^_^*

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xixisundus xixisundus Oct 14
Let’s see how much of this I’m able to watch before life and responsibilities smack me in the face
xixisundus xixisundus Oct 14
Most importantly I would like to thank Sajjy for existing Alhamdullilah and for her creativity and beautiful resilient soul and ever so intelligent brain for making up such a masterpiece
xixisundus xixisundus Oct 14
Lord knows what round this is, but I’m so excited. Nostalgia here I come
just now completed captured hearts... love you and your stories... i agree with @queenofam
Alexandrite88 Alexandrite88 Jul 02, 2016
i read the first part untouched hearts and it was awesome and im sure this is gonna be as well im really glad u chose to write about sami because i was interested in what would happen to him
Bubbly_Love6 Bubbly_Love6 Oct 04, 2016
Yayyyyyy I finally can start the next book ! 3am reads because why not 😂💪