All The Love  // Hetalia smut

All The Love // Hetalia smut

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Leave request please :) boyxboy and male reader x character

EarthissaES EarthissaES Aug 03
*presses Jungkook button*
                              Hory shittu
                              *presses Jimin button*
                              Oh mah gawd
                              *presses Namjoon button*
                              You got no Jams
Hehe... 'The feeling was foreign and a bit weird to him' hehe, when I read this im like ... Hahahaha Italy is haveing imagrants come into his country! 'FOREIGN' HAHHAHAH
                              *passes out from laughing*
If I lived there I'd be like 
                              Ohoho Gil
                              Gilbert: vhat?
                              They're gonna do it! *presses ear against the wall*
                              *Gil does the same*
ONE THING WRONG: If someone banned pasta from Italy's country,he wouldn't be depressed. He'd be ransacking the whole facking world to figure out who the hell it was.
BarbedWire1 BarbedWire1 Jul 06
You two might want to be quite, Prussia is still in the house
BarbedWire1 BarbedWire1 Jul 25
Germany did say that Italy and I quote "he has that perk little ass"