TMNT Donatello Scenerio- 2014 (Completed)

TMNT Donatello Scenerio- 2014 (Completed)

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Griz By Grizzly014 Completed

As you walk through the streets of Manhattan in New York city on a cold night, you all of a sudden feel yourself being watched. You look around and see black uniforms coming toward you. 

"Great..." You thought as Foot Clan soldiers were approaching you.

You ran a fast as you can making a sharp turn on your left disappearing in the Foot Clan's view. You hear voices as you climb up a ladder on a tall bricked building. You pant and you looks back to the ladder as you were on top of the building. You turn around and find yourself being clutched. The Foot soldier grasp your wrists and you yell for help. 

"Help!" You called to the night sky.

"Stop your squirming girl!" The soldier said.

You look at the second roof top of the building and you see a silhouette flashing it's appearance.
You then think you're going to be saved. You yell for help one more time then you feel the grip being released. You gasp in surprise and turn in every direction. The Foot Clan were no where in sight.


nishinoooya nishinoooya Jun 01, 2016
No promises, I'll probably end up having a fangirl attack and screaming anyway so...
nishinoooya nishinoooya Jun 01, 2016
That was so formal. I'm expecting him to say "parting is such sweet sorrow" next.
seiyakaniee seiyakaniee Jul 14, 2016
I was waiting for the "But techinally" that he always says and leads into some scientific speech. But he is probably stunned by hoe beautiful I am x)
nin_marvel nin_marvel Jun 23, 2016
Ha "great" me too. Like great there they go with this bs again.... :/
Mama-Wolfblood Mama-Wolfblood Nov 13, 2015
Donnie is the sweet one of the four. Yes he sticks to himself most of the time but when he lets you in you are his top priority.
Donatellosgirl0110 Donatellosgirl0110 Oct 31, 2015