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The Branded One

The Branded One

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Yaoi_Boy18 By Yaoi_Boy18 Completed

I awoke to my dog barking at my alarm "Ugh." I groaned pressing the dismiss button,my dog immediately stopped barking. My dog was sitting right next to the door,he was a german shepard and his name was Rio. I slowly got out of bed and walked to my closet,I opened it up and pulled out a black hoodie with dark gray skinny jeans and a black shirt. I pulled on my jeans then put my shirt on,I walked to my mirror and put my hoodie on. I looked at myself,I had faint bags under my eyes and my skin was as pale as ever. My eyes were a ghostly gray and my hair was pure black. I gave up looking like a normal human being when my big brother died,he was my world and I his. I took in a big breath and walked to the bathroom,my hair was sticking up and defying gravity. I grabbed a brush and slide it through my hair,I put it in its usual style. It covered my right eye but I could see perfectly well,I brushed my teeth then made my way downstairs. My dad greeted me with a smile "I made waffles." He said g...

Sam_Vantas Sam_Vantas Oct 25, 2016
So i just did my makeup for tomorrow and made myself look less ugly and then after brushing my teeth i liked in the Mirror again and my rosasia showed through my makeup!  I can't cover it with concealer because u can't find it! !! Arg!!!!! 
                              I love your story by the way.
essence2341 essence2341 Dec 26, 2016
i haven't seen my biological dad since i was like 8. i'm 13 now
RiverPoseidon RiverPoseidon Nov 26, 2016
My dad's in a different country so I see him once a year....
mylesbianlifestyle mylesbianlifestyle Aug 05, 2016
I see my dad every Saturday unless he has stuff to do on Saturday. My mom and dad were never married. They had me, split, and then my mom married my step dad (which is way more of a father figure)
Murong_Liu_Yue Murong_Liu_Yue Apr 15, 2016
B-b-but I thought his name was Jack??? Wasn't that what it said before???
Omfg I hate when my dad says this phrase. "Kai, please." Fmllll