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If Tomorrow Never Comes- A zombie novel #Wattys2016

If Tomorrow Never Comes- A zombie novel #Wattys2016

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Maryum Snowden By Mynames_not_Martin Updated Jun 10

For Maxwell Whiteside being twenty one meant that he could finally be his own person; start a serious relationship, maintain a steady job, but all the while remain the reliable son and older brother that he always has been. But when Max wakes up after a car accident he finds that the world and every sense of normality that he once knew is gone. 
Having to fight his way through countless of the rising dead and the downfall of humanity, Max realizes that becoming the man that he once wanted to be and becoming the man that he needs to be just might be what gets him through this new world alive. 
When the daunting task of finding his sister before it's too late and a series of events leads Max to become the leader of a ragtag group of survivors, he finds himself face to face with the question that he has been trying to avoid all along,- "What are you willing to do to keep the ones you love alive?"
  "In a world like this, tomorrow may never come."
  Copyright © 2015 By Mynames_Not_Martin All rights Reserved.
  Editor @Goldenbuffy

DJM1NYC DJM1NYC Apr 20, 2016
far, it has all of the signs of welcome addition to already in printwe Zombie lore.
FavouriteDonkey9 FavouriteDonkey9 May 15, 2016
Finally! A story on this site with a male protagonist!!!! Dont get me wrong i have no problem with females taking the main role but after reading 20-30 odd stories on here without one having a male as the main role this is refreshing
Bossilina Bossilina Dec 12, 2015
First chapter and im already into it..great writing! Im sure i will enjoy this book.
Evilmachinegun Evilmachinegun Dec 07, 2015
Hey author you read This would be paradise. I saw your comments
xNovember xNovember Sep 18, 2015
Lol. Love the details, and the images they put in my head. I can tell Max isn't too optimistic
Mynames_not_Martin Mynames_not_Martin Sep 18, 2015
Thank you! I was afraid it wasn't going to be too good. It means a lot.