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Winter Devotion {4 seasons of Nalu} 3rd book

Winter Devotion {4 seasons of Nalu} 3rd book

36.5K Reads 2K Votes 16 Part Story
-Astraea- By -Astraea- Completed

Natsu is excited to accept a position with Team Yamaha on the pit crew and will be on the road for the next 6 months, and this could mean putting himself closer to racing himself soon! Lucy is happy for Natsu, but worries that his job will interfere with their relationship since she is stuck in Lawson, Texas. 

Being a senior in high school is about to get even worse, when she is assigned as a personal guide to the new boy next door, Sting. She doesn't want to chaperone a new boy, when all she can think of is being with her boyfriend. However, Sting soon sends a facebook request to Lucy, and he sets his sights on being more than friends with her. Natsu comes home occasionally for a few hours, but that is not enough to keep Lucy from her jealousy as she thinks, "I'm not the girl to handle it". How can she when she is constantly bombarded with pictures of Natsu and beautiful girls at ritzy parties without her!? The Winter Festival and her birthday are coming up soon, and it doesn't look like Natsu will be able to come off the road to attend that either! And no "guy wisdom" from Sting helps to squash her insecurities about losing Natsu to the tons of girls that seem to surround him on a nightly basis! She is wondering if she should take the advice of her best friend and just break it off with Natsu, or can she learn to really trust him?

WolfDragonMaster WolfDragonMaster May 20, 2016
Little-One4302 Little-One4302 Mar 04, 2016
Could I create you a new one? But if so how would i send it to you?
this is really weird cuz my real name is astraea garnet yea...🍕
Cute_ButterflyWings Cute_ButterflyWings Oct 30, 2016
                              Hey, hold my flower
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L-arcade L-arcade Feb 29, 2016
Why are they behaving as if today is the last time they will talk to each other
neltarine neltarine Mar 16, 2016
Is it OK if I could still make a cover?If so,were could I send it?