Girl With the Heart of Stone

Girl With the Heart of Stone

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"Lets get rid of this," he realses my hair letting it fall freely

His hot heavy breath lingers on my lips and it sends shivers down my back. I see him looking down at my lips and I know what he's going to do

"I'm sick," I murmur looking directly into his eyes

"So," he says placing his hands on either side of me trapping me so I have nowhere to run

I'm still looking into his eyes and I realize I want him to kiss me

I want him to kiss me

 My thoughts are interrupted the minute I feel his soft wet lips on mine

Lydia is a cold and emotionless girl with a past full of dark memories and a life built on lies. When her biggest secret is threatened to be spilled she's blackmailed into living with the famous and rich bad boy Elliot Stone for an entire year. 

What happens when Lydia wants nothing to do with Stone, but he's determined to unravel the mystery surrounding her? Will Lydia allow her secrets to be spilled or will she do whatever it takes to keep them hidden away?

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Nelirifat Nelirifat Dec 14, 2016
That is soo hard to do!!! People read me soo easily it's frustrating!
CreatureOfTheRiver CreatureOfTheRiver Dec 29, 2016
This entire family would be dead by now if they were talking to me and treating me like that.
w1lL0ws w1lL0ws 5 days ago
Her mom too? They don't love her .. she's blackmailing I do too my little sister, but that secret is worse.
w1lL0ws w1lL0ws 5 days ago
Her sister. What the actual heck. (HEY, SISTER. THAT ISN'T HELPING..YA KNOW?
_keety _keety Aug 17, 2016
I don't know what they've done or what she's done or whatever but I already hate her family so fûcking much
flowerelisa14 flowerelisa14 Jul 02, 2015
Can i get sneek peaks on the next chapter ! Im ur favorite ❤️❤️ love u pame ... Beat angie on updating she takes forever -.-