Various x male reader

Various x male reader

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Ayasaki Yukino By A-Yukino Updated Oct 18

A simple male reader insert.
Fluff? Lime? Lemon? Angst?
I'll feed it to you, enjoy your plate full of fantasy.

It may not be good, cause i'm not a master chef. Lol.
Request? Chat? Just tell me.

Dont worry i dont bite... hard *smirks*

#Ayasaki Yukino/ アヤサキ ユキノ

It just happened. I killed myself for ur happiness. Y u no satisfied. I thought u wanted this! I'm crying so hard rn... I'm ded
I have a good idea of what the present is. I hope its not what I think it is.
i cant stop crying now ;-; WHYYYY!!! i was gonna make a joke about how i look up at the sky and scream no, but  i give up. the feels took over  this time
Every time I read this my heart dies bc I keep almost doing this for a guy TT^TT
I'm not crying its just raining on my face....inside....dang it onion cutting ninjas
God dammit..... I'm not crying I'm just there's a few stray tears. How'd they get there -wails-