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MORVEN DREW By MorvenDrew Completed

[Horror/Romance] Reed has lived in Canterbury his entire life; every day is the same, and nothing changes‒ that is until Apollo drives into town.
Apollo is a Demon, bringing death and disease with him wherever he goes, but as people become sick and chaos runs riot, Reed doesn't change. Something about the human boy is immune to the Demon, and soon Reed will learn that being a Demon's favourite doesn't come without a price...

-sleepy_bear- -sleepy_bear- Aug 19, 2016
Ok, I know this is serious and all but awwwe! I mean I know he's Satan and everything, but he's say good luck.
Anime1Rocks Anime1Rocks Sep 04, 2016
SPN is INVADING----The Impala huh now that is quite interesting
-ReignAdore -ReignAdore Oct 03, 2016
hey, can you do this to everyone at my school, expect the ppl that I actually like?
Awkward_Bro Awkward_Bro Nov 24, 2016
Well, his name is sort of fitting. Apollo is also the God of diseases and plagues as well as healing, so it kind of evens out 😂
BananaHaise BananaHaise Jun 08, 2016
I swear to God that said reptilian humans and I was like I knew it
ArchangelLeviathan ArchangelLeviathan Sep 07, 2016
Hey, is there out there who will criticize my work Savior? I don't know if it's good, or not, and I would like some advice....If you can I really appreciate it.