Lucy Goes 400 Years

Lucy Goes 400 Years

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Ainsleigh Rorison By RorisonAinsleigh Updated Jul 12, 2016

Normal POV- Destruction, destruction was everywhere. Only caused by 7 dragons. All because a one man from the future, despert for power, so much power he'll kill his best friend. That mans name was.. Rogue Cheney. The shadow plus light dragon slayer from the guild called Sabertooth. 

"Lucy, there is only one way to send the dragons back to their own timeline, it has to be you who does this, nobody else okay" a young girl with jade green hair and eyes said, grabbing the shoulders of a blond haired womam about the same age. 

The blonde female called Lucy nodded, "i needed you to go back in time, to 400 years ago with the dragons *sigh* and the 12 Golden Zodiac keys, including the Serpent Bearer" the jade haired person said, she was called Huisi (A/N sorry if its the wrong spelling). The princess of Firoe. 

"Yukino, i'm sorry but she'll those keys" Huisi turned around and told a white haired woman with blue eye. She nodded, tears streaming down her face as she handed her keys to Lucy. ...

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anime4life18 anime4life18 Aug 02, 2016
If you want, (and if you can't spell it properly) you can call her 'Jade' since that's her name is English isn't it?