Where I Belong • jb

Where I Belong • jb

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cat from the 6 By biebersharmony Updated Mar 06, 2016

Geneva Calderon has been dreaming of going to Pacifica Music Academy ever since she was able to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the piano at the age of four. And this summer she's finally able to. 

Although, her happiness comes short when she crashes head first into Justin Bieber on her first day. 

According to Pacifica, 'Justin Bieber is highly intelligent, musically talented, gifted, and probably the best student we've had in the past twenty years.'

What happens when Geneva and Justin are expected to compose and perform a song together at the end of the summer at the Disney Concert Hall?

“This is my last year at Pacifica, you better not fuck it up.”

*Note: this story is inspired off of Camp Rock and ABC Family's Series: The Fosters. In no way am I copying either plot*

jennerid jennerid Jul 11, 2016
i'm so excited for this ahh !! great job i loved it so much. Xx✨
jennerid jennerid Jul 11, 2016
gosh i'm thinking of the cheetah girls now with chanel. all the disney feels coming backkk
Belieber0101 Belieber0101 Jun 18, 2016
I hated those i obviously didnt want to talk to any of them y would u make me play a game😒😂
dejaesmami dejaesmami Dec 19, 2015
I was eating in front of my crush and I had chips and spaghetti. I was soo nervous that I picked up like four strings of spaghettini with my hand and ate them like that😩 I was embarrassed but he just laughed n gave me a napkin
- - Nov 29, 2015
were u watching Frozen when u were writing this 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘