Fix Him Up »Dr. Smiley Love Story« (BoyxBoy)

Fix Him Up »Dr. Smiley Love Story« (BoyxBoy)

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Mousey By LittleMousey Updated Jan 28

"What are you doing?" I questioned. He gave me a creepy smile, making me nervous. 

"I'm just gonna fix you is all." I backed away and he stepped closer. The atmosphere was dangerous. It was killing me. His hand lightly glided over his table of equipment. It hovered over the scalpel but he then grabbed a hold of it.

"Oh shit."

Jason Myers is an openly gay 17 year old. Everyone supports him but his father. His father believes it's a phase. So his friend named Dr. Smiley offers to "fix him up".

                    BEWARE: BoyxBoy」

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- - Nov 16, 2015
Love It!!! I was expecting a rushed plot but this is ♡w♡