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Baby "Jayn"

Baby "Jayn"

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-Sི- By DirectionY0u Updated Feb 19

"Am Jayn"
"Zayn, huh?"
"How old are you?"

© directiony0u
Cover: @zuhayn

Throughthedark97 Throughthedark97 Jun 03, 2016
As excited as I am for this story.... ADOPTING A CHILD ISN'T A CONSEQUENCE SIMON!
I mean Zayn is cute but what kind of comic books do three year olds read?😂
Crazyasteroid Crazyasteroid Dec 27, 2016
Wow....responsibility is the worst thing that can happen to gius like them....
                              And God this is awfully cute
rainbows1289 rainbows1289 Jul 19, 2016
I kid I know does this but he holds up 4 fingers and says he's three 😂
Mary_97 Mary_97 Feb 16
Even to that a band adopting a kid has no sense cus is ilegal, the story could begin still interesting 👌
percyqueen percyqueen Dec 22, 2016
I literally stopped breathing for a little bit from that bit of cuteness 😂