Love with a Passion

Love with a Passion

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"Ma, where dad with the truck?" I asked going into her room.

"He on his way Freedom, you just worry about taking all your stuff downstairs." My mother said. 

"Ok, I'm just trying to keep us on the schedule." I threw my hands up in defense and walked out going back into my room. 

I was packing up for my sophomore year of college. I was excited to be going back. My school was only a hour away and I was now able to have my car on campus. I'm 19 years old also.

My iPhone 6s plus started to ring. I grabbed it from my bed and answered it. 

"Hello." I spoke into the phone. 

"What you doing? You on the road yet?" My best friend Africa asked me.

"I'm waiting for my father to get here with the truck. You already left?"

"Yea, surprisingly. But finish packing and I'll see you there."

"Ok, talk to you later." I said then hung up.

I put my phone in my pocket and grabbed the top to my last bin and placed it on top.

"Moriah" I yelled from my room.

Moriah is my twenty three year ol...

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nanaXwoah nanaXwoah Aug 20, 2017
yall names unique and cute.... but umm where liberty &&' Jamaica At😭?
y'all talking about thinking of nicki minaj i thought of the damn jungle😂😂
idearra idearra Jun 27, 2017
North America, South America,  Europe, asia, africa, Australia,  Antarctica
badgyalAnna badgyalAnna Jun 07, 2017
Should've Just Stayed And Put That Dick On Her. 🤷🏽‍♀️
CrystalDavis054 CrystalDavis054 May 10, 2017
Aye I know you have my zodiac sign and all, but that do NOT mean you have to be thirsty.
MyOwnBossK MyOwnBossK Jan 30, 2017
I love the names buh come on now no offence but what Africa maybe Asia😂 or sum next might be Europe