2p Hetalia Scenarios and Imagines, because why FrUK'ing not?!

2p Hetalia Scenarios and Imagines, because why FrUK'ing not?!

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DakiKado By DakiKado Updated Sep 24

2p!Italy (Luciano)
He wouldn't admit it but he loves hugging you and make sure he's the only one you hug.

2p!America (Allen)
Since you're the first(and only) girl he respects and truly loves, he hugs you tight like he's afraid you would go away.

2p!England (Oliver)
Your relarionship is 90% of hugging(not that you complaining ;)). His hugs are bone-crushing.

2p!Canada (Matt)
He wouldn't show a lot of affection in public, but when you're alone he can hug you for hours and I'm FrUK'ing serious when I'm saying HOURS.

2p!Romano (Flavio)
His hugs are much like Oliver's but last for MUCH longer. Anyway you love his bone-crushing hugs.

2p!Spain (Andres)
Since he's not a big fan of hugging, you have to plan everything. He will eventually hug you in the end.( Yay, everyone wins! :))

Is it bad I thought of Kim Possible 
                              "Call me, keep me, if you wanna reach me"
Usually my hugs are bone-crushing if I missed someone. Or if I forget my own strength which is 99.9% of the time XD
HannahD1999 HannahD1999 Nov 13
Wow. That's a long name. So the abbreviation would be
                              T. H. A. I. S. M. A. Y.
HannahD1999 HannahD1999 Nov 13
Dawwwwww. I can hug for hours too. But that's usually in my sleep.
My friend saw this and said "if it was you it will be the queen of sarcasm"
My friend put my contact name as "That girl with glasses I thought was my friend" and took a picture.