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adopted by Jared padalecki *In Major Editing*

adopted by Jared padalecki *In Major Editing*

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superwholock-love By superwholock-love Completed

what happens when Stella a twelve year old girl who has been abused up untill she was ten only has one friend who's name is kalina what happens when Stella jets adopted by the Jared and genevieve padalecki will she make new freinds will she get in fights find out on the next episode of dragon ball z.  wait this isn't dragon ball z oh well then find out when you read the book

Scarletths Scarletths Mar 23, 2016
I dont know what to comment . But lets just say i choked in water.
Percabeth_bae1 Percabeth_bae1 Dec 24, 2016
-OreoQueen -OreoQueen Jul 24, 2016
Dude when I read the type of bands she like I literally salutated her.
larrysacowea larrysacowea Dec 29, 2016
I was like "damn who dyes their hair at 12" but i dye it when i was 11 soo
I don't know why but I just thought of the bear being like a old London person bear thing with a top hat and a monocle  😂😂
Puffpie Puffpie Dec 01, 2015
So so I. The three shows are my life. If you include arrow, flash, and criminal minds. And so far, her personality is like me. I would say she's just like me but I still have both parents