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Sidepiece Savior (Lesbian Story)

Sidepiece Savior (Lesbian Story)

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Abigail By Kisses_From_TheSun Updated 4 days ago

Mona is a proud and unashamed sidepiece. She sleeps around on everybody she meets. She's a good time girl, so she really only good for a one night stand. And that's all she really want anyway. Mona ain't doing all that love sh!t!  Forget that she wanna hit the club every night, she ain't got time to be trying to settle down and all that. Save that for the birds, cause she don't need it.  She not getting her own lady, of course not cause most likely trying take yours.   She sleeps with people who already taken just because it's fun, and there's no commitment. That's just the way it goes.

Then there's  sweet sweet Ava. Ava is a true romantic at heart. She is in love with the thought of being in love. People say she fall too fast, too hard, and forgives too easily.  Ava just  wants one woman that she can love and adore for all of time, and get the same in return.  She's been a good girl all her life.  Then one morning she woke up and said and I want something different, so she cut off all her long beautiful black hair, and now rocking this sassy short hair.  The hair gave her a new attitude and perspective on life.  She's still the same old sweet sweet Ava but something just a little bit different this time. 
And just one fateful night at the club Ava and Mona meet and everything changes.  Mixing them would be like mixing fire and ice. They both have the power to shut each other down, but who's gonna hurt who first? Because when fire melts ice, water forms and fire is put out.  Is this a recipe for disaster or is it the start to something beautiful?

crystalduncan30 crystalduncan30 Dec 30, 2015
Rencyy Rencyy Sep 09, 2015
that's so sad  She's catching feelings and stuff but Mona's like ✋ "Nope"
XxxSesh XxxSesh Jul 10, 2015
Mona is so different from your previous characters... But i am intrigued ...good introduction ...
PennyDouble PennyDouble Jul 07, 2015
For some odd reason...I like Mona. She gotta calm down tho lol
neshnesh9 neshnesh9 Jun 30, 2015
oh laawd I'm loving it!!! I low key like Mona attitude its sexy how I think lmaoo ...but I think ava will come and change all that no lie
Eastsidestory Eastsidestory Jun 30, 2015
Mona think like a fucknigga am I the only one who feel like that?