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His Badass Luna

His Badass Luna

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Toyabiebs25 By Toyabiebs25 Updated May 15, 2016

She was fast, fearless and focus on her task at hand. All she had to do was pass through the biggest pack in America. how hard can it be she asked herself. Little did she know what was to come.  

"Who are you" he asked "I'm nobody" I replied "well "nobody" what are you doing on my land" he growled  "oh, so your the big bad alpha everybody talks about" I replied looking at him I could tell why people thought that. he's at least 6'4 with muscles bulging, dark hair, but his best feature would have to be he's eyes, one green the other blue he's insanely handsome " haven't your mother ever taught you it's rude to stare" he replied with a smirk on his handsome face. What is wrong with me he's the enemy. " to bad she died before I met her" I replied with a blank face which is true my mother did die giving birth to me. His  smirk soon drops but before he had the chance to say anything I did what I did best, I ran. Thank god I covered my scent before I left so my so called "mate" (the old dude not Kayne) couldn't follow me, It came in handy after all. All I got to do is out run him he won't find me if my scent is covered but I knew I couldn't he would catch me after all he is an alpha.

ThatOne_Cellist ThatOne_Cellist Dec 27, 2016
did anybody else read tht as Kanye? No, okay. Maybe it's just me.
ellie_lover_loving16 ellie_lover_loving16 Jul 01, 2016
Man, I just started reading and I'm already attached to the story
Diamondsky519 Diamondsky519 Sep 04, 2016
Dad: appears out of nowhere and kicks the guys ass off his daughter