My Big Bad Alpha(BWWM)

My Big Bad Alpha(BWWM)

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♊ By RawYal Completed

Quinn Baxter. Rude. Rough and is the Alpha to one of the most vicious packs known in the state of California. He had grown up being told that his mate would never love him, that he would never find true happiness. Quinn became a dark person. Raised Without a Father and abused by a mother who didn't care.

Rayne Carter. Quiet. Well mannered. Loner. After the death of her mother and father, she was left to fend for herself within a pack who shunned her out. She hoped to find her mate, hoped that he would take her away from the place she called "home", hoped that he would give her the love she always dreamed about.

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Previously Named: My Alpha
Cover Credited To: @RaeSarai

danielle670 danielle670 Aug 11
Y'all know he ain't cute he just average with a fuckboi pose and the black and white filter
Wellllllll technically if she's a female wolf/dog she's a bitch
ladys1745 ladys1745 2 days ago
No it want you'll going to find your mate. I hope that you will love her.
Well you'd hate to talk to William Singe cause he's Australian and say m8 little lot