Between the two (Owari no Seraph fanfic)

Between the two (Owari no Seraph fanfic)

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Ruichiro-Sama By Ruichiro-Sama Updated Dec 08, 2015

When Yuzu was 7 years old, she was abandoned by her family and was brought in to the Hyakuya Orphanage by a  blonde haired boy named Mikaela who found her. One year later, a black messy haired boy named Yuichiro had became the new family member of this big family. 

Shortly after that,  a lethal virus spreads across the world, wiping out most of humanity and allowing vampires to enslave the human race. From there, Yuichiro, Mikaela, Yuzu and the other family member of the orphanage are treated as livestock, only being allowed to live for their blood. In seek of freedom from the vampire, the 3 childrens soon found a way to escape from the vampires, only for then their plans turn their back against them. The two people who made it alive managed to escape and return back home to joing the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, to avenge the friends who died by the hands of the vampire. 

(A/N) I realize that there is not many Owari no Seraph fanfiction so I decided to made one. Hope you enjoy this fanfiction and have a nice day~^^

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I just watched the first episode and I'm bawling my eyes out
missninja09 missninja09 Apr 22
Ouch!! I thought she'd like to live with Mika forever as a lover
AliceJinsei AliceJinsei Jul 30
Well, if it is snowing and someone's blushing, I would think of that too
baecxu baecxu Feb 04, 2016
“I don't like him like that! I think of him as my brother!" - a phase that echos through every males heart when their crush family zone them.
Eternal_Legend Eternal_Legend Oct 06, 2016
They sound so happy that they all lost their parents.....
                              And it's making me sad cause the orphanage is a better family then their real  parents
Anime_For_Ever4 Anime_For_Ever4 Oct 06, 2016
Wait wait wait *does double take* WHO WANTS TO BE MIKA'S GIRLFRIEND