fatherhood // lashton

fatherhood // lashton

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"you named your son after a band"

"you named your daughter after a fruit"


Hey did I think of Luke's dick when he said small one cause mini Luke
I grew up with corridos and spanish music everyone in my family is obsessed with spanish singers or bands and im over here
lmaoo y'all he didn't name her after no fûckin fruit he named her after the dumb bïtch in mario 💀
LIsForLilly LIsForLilly Aug 01
I remember seeing a video about 3 guys who were best friends because they all had the same disease and it makes them yell random stuff all the time and one time one of them yelled GRANNIES A SLUT in public 😂
luci_pl luci_pl Jul 31
I thought 'Really, Luke? Already buying the kid blink merch?' and then I read it was Michael and laugh at how accurate that would be
forever_smh forever_smh Aug 22
I stole the boys action figures and there card because my dad would only by me dolls and when I asked he said not those are boys toys so I stole them....oops