Focused - (Ben Parish/The 5th Wave)

Focused - (Ben Parish/The 5th Wave)

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rvival By rvival Updated Oct 06, 2016

"What if I'd kiss you now?" He asked.

"I'd let you."

I found myself unable to move. His lips slowly moved towards mine, and honestly I wanted him to hurry up. Our noses brushed as his lips teasingly hung over mine, and as much as I had the desire to connect our lips - I wanted Ben to do it. 

His eyes were slightly closed, but I could tell he was still gazing at my lips. But when he pressed a kiss on my lips - soft and slow - his eyes flew closed, like mine. 

At 10PM Ben Parish kissed me.

| The sixteen year old Liana Green hides herself in the woods after the Others killed her family. Little did she know Ben Parish did the same. | I don't own the 5th Wave's characters and storyline. I do own Liana Green

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OurFragment OurFragment Jun 07, 2016
I do love Cassie and Ben together. IDK why but I felt like they would be great together 🤔
seashinebaby seashinebaby Aug 29, 2016
Love love love!! But what was this book called before? I can't remember for the life of me
OurFragment OurFragment Jun 07, 2016
I love Ben and I love the actor who played him. I think he did a good job. Saw the movie never read the book. Should of known it was based out of a book. Anyway, you did good on your first chapter so I can't wait for your next update
OurFragment OurFragment Jun 07, 2016
Ohh wow at first I really thought it was Cassie and when she said Lilian. I'm like wait hold up, it's not Cassie! Damn I thought it was Cassie, but what ever this chapter was good either way.