Still Fighting. - A werewolf love story -

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Bella By bellapotter_16 Completed
~ Sequel to - Fighting For Her. ~
    Adley Harrison has just been ressurected after a battle that took her life. The only side affect is now she has became a werewolf. Her evil mate, Damon has disapeared and she thinks she has seen the last of him until he makes a shocking reappearnce. She must decide between Ty and Damon, or else she might lose them both.
I read other first but forgotten it so I will read tis then go back again, I enjoy your style and themes
Can you please check out my book if its good or Bad? Its called, Night Breeze
                                    Omigod I was just thinking the exact same thing.
Kids where did that come from? Did they even do it yet? I'm glad you did a sequel, these characters rock!
                                    peace out
I'm glad you wrote a sequel! I was wondering who Adley ends up with and whether Damon and Ty are still enemies!
It seems interesting I didn't realize it was a sequel but I'll manage and read the other later good stuff though