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L.E.Chauncey By LEChauncey Updated Apr 05, 2016

His touch brought me such pleasure, it only made me madder as the burn of his rejection again set me ablaze. Slipping from his hold, I took the silver knife from my pocket and held it to his neck. He trembled as he leaned away from the silver. The burning inside me deepened and I could feel the tears in my eyes but I quickly shoved them back as I let the fire he ignited fuel my anger.

"I've had about enough of you," I hissed through clenched teeth.

"You're pathetic, get off my land."

"Then let me give you something to remember just how pathetic I am." Taking the knife, I carved an X into the spot where I should have been able to mark him, where I wanted to bite him now.

"Fuck!" He pulled back and held his bloody neck, it wasn't healing.
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DriewO DriewO Nov 13, 2017
Ugh! I hate it when they do that! I dont want him to die now!
WiseGirl105 WiseGirl105 Apr 05, 2016
Hey I love all the updates. It keeps me occupied when I run out if physical books to read.
Lily43lyly Lily43lyly Apr 05, 2016
This is killing me. I know I wanted the humans dead but like her I'm feeling some type of way about this. I kinda didn't want tommy to die the moment he gave her the keys for the neck thingy. She needs to get to Weston asap.
VeraJune VeraJune Apr 07, 2016
No. Words. I can't. I just can't. <-meant in the best sense. On to the next chapter.
Elansh Elansh Apr 05, 2016
OMFG UPDATE THIS STORY is my life now! You left us on a cliffhanger, and #prayforweston
CharlottesCookie CharlottesCookie Nov 09, 2016
Yeah youre a stupid idiot moron fool all those great stuff rn so yeah