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L.E.Chauncey By LEChauncey Completed

Once upon a time I dreamt of him and then reality forced me out of the clouds. My life was filled with nightmares you couldn't comprehend. I know a pain so crippling it leaves you without the ability to feel anything but nothing. It's an empty abyss of desperation and fear that consumes you so completely, you lose sight of anything else. He was my one chance at something else, something special but he took that from me, the one person who could bring me out of the emptiness and into something more wants nothing to do with me. 
I am Beta Tianna, when I was fifteen a group of hunters kidnapped me. I was lost in that hell for a year before my father and alpha sacrificed their lives for mine. It gave me a different look on life, I no longer see beauty in everything - no - instead I see the truth. I see the evil lurking in every corner of the world, waiting for the opportune moment to end you. It only seemed fitting for my mate to be one of those monsters.
"You aren't my mate."
My body burned again, "You wanna know what it feels like to be denied? Do you want to feel what I've been feeling? I'd take a silver bullet over this in a heart beat."
He stayed silent.
"Why so quiet Weston?" A chill ran through him with his name rolling off my tongue. "Not having fun anymore?"
"Dealing with impostors is never fun." His voice was loosing it's edge, this was urging him to hurt me.
"Now I'm an impostor?" I laughed without humor, "That's a little desperate Weston. Why would I want to come here and steal away the Luna title?"
Rolling my eyes, I shook my head, "Oh come on Alpha, I'm a Beta, I have power. Try again."
"Just shut up!" He snapped.

 #rr love this sooooooo much😍😘😍😍one of my favorite books
So first he doesn't know who she is, now all of sudden he knows rumors about her??? 🤔
Thelon Thelon 4 days ago
If someone said that to me, I would have difficulty not slapping them upside the head.
Thelon Thelon 4 days ago
Ngl, I'm annoyed that letting her get her things and say goodbye to the people she knows at her pack is treated as some big favor he is doing for her.
jelsa4ever14 jelsa4ever14 May 02, 2016
Mother of god I thought nick was her mate hahahaha I got shocked for a moment there
katga01 katga01 May 17, 2016
Im a lil confused. Is the alpha a female?! Not trying to be rude. Just a lil lost...