Mechanical Memories

Mechanical Memories

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Zoë~ By Zoethezany Updated Oct 10, 2015

Sequel to The Truth Behind The Mask. 

In case you haven't read The Truth Behind The Mask, I advise you do or you won't understand much. Just in case here's a brief summary: Hera forced the six to watch Leo's memories while putting him in a trance like state. The six found our Leo had been beaten as a kid, cheated on, drunk, depressed, had cut himself and was kinda suicidal. When Hera woke him up, he got amnesia.

Great. Not only did Hera force the demigods to watch Leo's memories, nooo, now she had to accidentally remove them, too! Now the six are to take a small detour from their quest in order to help their fire-controlling friend get his memories back. Will they succeed, or will Leo forget himself entirely?

KuroDeity KuroDeity Mar 13
look him...then...look at /him/
                              (The Lost Hero explains all)
Plz update soon. I know its been a while but can you plz update. This is a good story and it would suck entirely if it went to waste. Plz consider going on wattpad and updating soon.
- - Aug 03, 2016
Your first story was amazing. I was thinking that in this one the same ends up happening to Nico well they try to get Leo's memory back.. ??? I think that they'll make good friends?
perfectstars perfectstars Jan 04, 2016
And tbh I sort of despise you atm but I'm still reading this although I probably won't vote as I get over emotional when it comes to amnesia bullshiit
vanessa8101 vanessa8101 Nov 02, 2015
1. That cover is fabulous
                              2. Screaming cuz I hadn't realized the sequel was already out xD