Professor C (camren)

Professor C (camren)

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"She used to be so nice." Camila stared off into the trees that separated her house from the neighbors. "We used to be really close; like really close. But something happened to her that made her...wicked. Some people learn from pain, others just become the pain, you know?"

When Camila Cabello said those words to Lauren Jauregui, she had never thought that she would become the subject of that conversation a little ways into the future. A year and a half since the start of their relationship, Lauren and Camila parted ways. Lauren left their shared apartment with a measly note and had been regretting the day the moment the thought of leaving crossed her mind. 

That shallow argument that fateful summer day was the last Lauren heard of Camila with the latter completely vanishing into thin air. Eight years later, Lauren was still looking for the greatest love of her life with the guilt bubbling ever so strongly in her gut. She had convinced herself it was just because she needed to make sure the girl was alright. Moving into the state the Cabello's last heard of Camila, Lauren was losing hope but there was no going back anymore. 

Professor C is a sequel to "Not Quite the Opposites".

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***PS: I'm not really big on sequels but I have asked friends for input and they said yes. So, here ya go!

That was my niece's first word. She refuses to say words other than cuss words clearly.
Oh damn I'm so into this already and is only second chapters 🙌🙌🙌🙌
That happened to me when my brother started cursing it was so awkward
R00neymara R00neymara Nov 07
Doesn't dhe have a job she's a psychologist or something. So it's not like she's just wondering the streets.
R00neymara R00neymara Nov 07
Well she's married now, so she's prolly had a little German in her 🙂🙂