The Commander's Daughter

The Commander's Daughter

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Does it ever occur to you, if Erwin Smith, the Commander of the Scouting Legion, had a daughter? 

Well, He does. And her name is Abigail Hillary Smith. And she's a firecracker. One of the most talented soldiers.

So, What happens, when he finally lets her join a squad, and let her help out other than helping Hanji with her experiments. 

Well.....lets just say, its joing to be one heck of a ride.


( I do not own AoT or the characters. I only own Abigail Smith )

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the_chaos_queen the_chaos_queen Dec 09, 2017
All the things I would and have done
                              Your describing me PERFECTLY
Ainyaan Ainyaan Jan 15
Yeah, put me on the let’s die in the second season death squad
Why are you gender roling a sound we make by opening our mouths and pushing vibrations through the air. Like seriously.
AyaMalfoy AyaMalfoy Jul 05, 2017
How old are we know? Where not still 2-3 are we cause boiiii hell nah
Random_Girl101304 Random_Girl101304 7 days ago
Yeah put me onthe suicide squad! (Levi's squad, cuz ya know, they all died?)
blue eyes and light brown hair? almost sounds like my bestfriend, even her names spelt the same